Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So, I've made nothing of note lately. But my beloved baby sister, Katey, has. She's created a perfect new little tiny person. Anyone who knows me knows that my kid sister is the standard by which I judge all things. She is, as a dear friend commented, inherently good. Thus any child of my darling Kate is bound to be also a golden child, and lo and behold. Thus it came to pass.

So for those interested, here are some pics of me and Katey-mouse (I call her that because she was so very small once upon a time) and some pics of the new baby, Jackson Alexander Sargent. Jackson is my mama's maiden name, and the name I also had at birth.

Here is a pic of Katey and I at christmas a few years back.

This is me and Katey, her first christmas.

This is me and mouse when she was a teenager.

 One of her at new years a few years ago.

 The two of us at pride the summer before last. As you can see, while she used to be much smaller; she's now the taller of us.

And this is Jackson, who is clearly righteously pissed. He was overdue, he really didn't wanna come out. And who can blame him?He probably had everything arranged just so.

Jackson again, like I said; he's basically perfect.

In the fit my moms knitted for his arrival. :)


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I love collaging things, I guess you could call me a collage/decoupage junkie. 
This is an alter I've been reworking for a dear friend. And its way overdue. She was supposed to get it for her wedding, then I thought maybe it would make a lovely housewarming gift. Now I'm wondering if I can finish before she decides to have a child.  This is a fun and easy item to make. You start with a wine box, the little crates that hold three bottles each? Paint it and collage the inside. I'm going to add some more 3-d decorative stuff, fake flowers and crap like that. Its my take on a day of the dead alter, kinda..sorta. I'll update when this puppy is finished.  Which will be soon, I swear!!