Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Deplorables

I'm uninterested in your appeals for unity and niceness. Perhaps, if you place such a premium on niceness, you shouldn't have voted to auction off the civil rights of everyone not white, cis, and hetero?  If you want to go on and on about how just because you voted for a racist rapist misogynist that doesn't make you one as well. I'm supposed to get that you aren't as bad as he is? Even though you put into power someone who plans to deport members of my community, potentially deny lifesaving medical care to members of my community, potentially dissolve my own marriage, and deny me rights over my own body? Go have that argument elsewhere. 

Some of my friends keep telling me you aren't all racists, you just supported a racist for economic reasons. Well, you know what? You may not be an *active* racist, but you actively supported one. You cast your vote for a guy who mocks the disabled and routinely sexually assaults women. You were A-ok with a candidate who sics his violent racist mob on protesters. You were fine with mob justice, hate speech, gendered insults, death threats. You're gonna be super sad when your entitled orange billionaire doesn't do shit for you economically. Because he ain't one of you, and never was. He's just another fortunate son. Personally, I think he appealed to folks who've got little left besides the remaining shreds of white supremacy. As Martin Luther King said, you're eating Jim Crow. It won't feed you, and it won't feed your children. But at least you'll get to console yourself that you're better than the rest of us. I hope you fucking choke on it.

People keep explaining that we need to unify, we gotta somehow appeal to the fuckers who just voted away my full humanity, my marriage, my wife's humanity and citizenship.

Fuck. That.

Those of you fuckers who somehow missed the memo (which was actually a dayglo banner twenty feet high pulled by a plane and also on fire) that your screaming orange carrot was actively supported by the KKK? That he's an actual rapist? That he's an actual balls-to-the-wall racist who is STILL calling for the blood of the young men unjustly imprisoned for a crime they didn't commit? That he's promised to, "ban muslims" and, "carpet bomb" his enemies? Maybe you missed the part where he vowed to commit war crimes? Or the part where he wouldn't release his own taxes or accept the results of the election or put his businesses into a blind trust to prevent corruption? If he does even a third of what he's promised, everyone who isn't you is in for a world of hurt and suffering. People are going to die because you put this puke into power. 

Those of you who genuinely regret this? You can work to fucking appeal *to me and mine*. You can work to regain our trust. Right now, I'm tired of trying to convince you fuckers that I deserve to live. I came up poor and white, I'm a part of this fucking demographic. You shitsticks decided I don't count because I'm a woman and queer. Had I handed out more pussy, maybe then I'd get to be one of you. Had I sucked enough white dude's dicks. Then I could've hitched my star to your wagon, been considered almost human. Otherwise, I don't deserve to live. It's second class citizenship or nothing with you fuckers. Well, I want someone to appeal to *my* queer ass for a change.

Right now, we're battening down the hatches. I work with teenagers, some of whom are terrified that they'll be deported or see their parents deported. I'm married to a visibly queer woman of color. We're legitimately afraid for her safety should we venture out of the Bay Area. We're frightened for the undocumented, for Muslim, Sikh and Latinx community members. We're about to be under siege from the highest power in the land. Women's rights are about to take a forty year step backwards, trans rights are about to get trampled. The president elect has a VP who believes in conversion therapy and once legislated funerals for the fetuses of those who'd suffered miscarriages. He's obsessed with fetuses and hates uppity women and homos. That's who you handed over power to, in the vain hope that sacrificing the human rights of everyone who isn't white, cis and hetero would get you something. Your country back? More blow jobs from those with fewer options than ever? Your fucking  white skin privilege made bulletproof? As if it ain't already?

You fuckers who brought this shitstorm down? I ain't unifying shit with your ignorant asses. You're either too fucking angry about uppity women and homos and BIPOC that you wanna grind us under your heels into the dust. That, or you're genuinely so fucking stupid that you really believed cosigning hatred and hate crimes and sexual assault would buy you something. You must hold the truly ridiculous belief that the tangerine fuckface would bring your factory jobs back. I dunno how sad you'll be when you find out that you threw us all under the bus for pipe dreams. Probably not very. The fact that you were willing to do it in the first place testifies to that. If you'd ever considered any of us to be autonomous human beings, that wouldn't have even been on the table.

Go unify with your own musty entitled taint, you fucking, fucking hateful shitstains. 

Here is my basic minimum requirement for those who wanna defect from the lady-hating KKK-loving Islamaphobic abortion-outlawing conversion-therapy-supporting zombie-eyed granny-starving dipshit sheep fuckers who make up the new Murrica-fuck-yeah party:

Denounce your fucking white cis het male supremacy party. Apologize for your part in the coming shitstorm. Place your own precious white skin between that storm and the folks who are it's aim--Muslims, immigrants, undocumented people, BIPOC, women, LGBTQI+ persons. 

Put your own fucking precious white hide on the fucking line. Then, and only then, MAYBE, I'll consider whether or not your ignorant ass can get unified with me and mine.

The idea that the majority of Trump supporters are working class is not based on truth, but rather on misdirection and outright lies. NOW can I stop empathizing with those among us who already have the most power and privilege and turn my attention to those of us they just fucked over who are in fucking clear and present danger? Or is there someone else who's denying my essential humanity that I'm supposed to dredge up compassion for???