Monday, October 17, 2011

bachelorette crafting

So, I've been making favors for a dear friend's bachelorette party. I got this awesome stencil on etsy and decorated plain bags with stencils of clara bow. That was fun, and now I totes want more stencils!

 I also constructed a crap-ton of feather hair fascinators. They're super easy to make so I didn't take a ton of step by step pics. Basically all you need is some felt, fake flowers, feathers, alligator clips, and a glue gun. Start with a rectangle of black or white felt, glue the feathers you want, clip the stem of the flower and glue that on, add a clip to the back et viola! Flower hair fascinators!  I took some pics of some of my favorites, so keep scrolling for pics. You can also add glitter to the flower at the end, keep in mind its easy to go overboard :)happy fascinating, y'all.

 And here's one of the bride to be rocking the bride-y cocktail hat!!!

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