Wednesday, June 26, 2013

quick no sew tutu tutorial

I'm sure y'all have seen this floating around the internets, and its quite simple to do; so I won't spend too much time on it. But here is my quick and easy no sew tutu tutorial, and there will be a few pointers at the end. cheers!
You will need:

ribbon or elastic
a crap ton of tulle
(its easiest to use a 6in wide roll and cut the length to your specifications)
scissors or blade
measuring tape
that's it!

I chose to also employ a mimosa, this step is optional.

Ok, so you choose the length you want your tutu to be (usually 10-15 inches) and then double that. It depends on how tall you are and what look you're going for, the shorter length will be more of a classic sticking way out but not really covering your butt style; longer will hang differently and give you a very different look.

Once you have your strips, you attach them by looping them over the ribbon or elastic. If you pinch the end with one hand while pulling to the top with the other, it helps to keep the length even throughout the process. You can either tie or loop the ribbon or elastic over your leg or onto something like a chair back.

You basically loop the piece through and then pull it tight, keeping the knots all facing the same way and sliding them down to the end of the elastic or ribbon. With this first one I alternated a few different colors to nice effect, basically by counting them out. I was typically using about five or six strips to a section (i think) whatever it was, I just kept the pattern consistent.
here you can see a switch from pink to grey. pretties!

The final effect was quite nice!

And here are a few with me wearing this puppy, which I ended up alternating pink, grey, sparkly silver and sparkly white tulle. ;)
goes so well w my t shirt, no? ;)

Ok, so a few final notes:

Some folks suggested using elastic and sewing the ends together, others suggest one of those elastic headbands. What I found while doing this is that I actually prefer just using ribbon. Because you end up stretching the elastic so much while making that puppy, by the time its finished its all stretched out. During this one I actually snapped the elastic during an early stage, which meant I had to start over. Not cool.
Ditto with the hair elastic bit. It gets so stretched out as you go that its super stretched out by the time its done.

 For my second one, which I'll show another time; I used ribbon instead. I put the ribbon around my waist and figured on some extra length to tie it in a bow. Then I just tied a knot on each end at the right place. That way I can just tie it on, super easy and tying it with a big bow looks lovely. It makes little difference what kind of ribbon you use, although a thick grosgrain ribbon with make for a thicker waistband and will also tie into a loverly bow at the back. ;)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

quick update

I know I've been terribly remiss, I actually do have a few recent projects I want to document and I'm just a smidge behind getting everything together. Soon! I promise!! I've been putting together the Pride2013 outfits and can't wait to share what's going on behind the scenes. I also have one older project I want to put up because I'll soon be doing another based on that one. So give me just a minute.