Monday, October 10, 2011

cocktail hat part 2

So, we left off at attaching millinery wire, I sewed that on with an extra thick millinery thread, using a whipstitch around the edge.

 Then I added bias tape around the outside edge to hide the wire, I didn't do a layer of felt on the top because I worried it might 'muddy' the line of the hat; however, in future I think I will cover the top as well.
 I used a somewhat thick raw silk to cover the hat, I cut out the same shape, about half an inch bigger, pinned it from the backside and sewed around the edge. All the stitching ended up getting covered later by the trim anyway, and the stitches helped affix the bias tape securely.
 Once that part is sewn on, you trim off the excess, cut out the same shape and neatly sew that onto the bottom to hide the felt.
 Once the top and bottom are covered, you can add a trim around the edge, I used a glue gun to attach the trim, some silk flowers, feathers, birdcage veil and one pretty little button. This is the easy and fun part; deciding how you want the final hat to look. Once the decorating is done you glue an alligator clip or comb onto the bottom to hold it on et voila! One handmade cocktail hat. :)
 I put a lot of birdcage veil on this one, I wanted it to be understated but still fairly dramatic, as its meant for a friend's bachelorette party. This hat should shout "I'm getting married!" And, well..I think it does. :)

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