Monday, October 10, 2011

If you eat it in the morning, it's breakfast

I usually spend my weekends at my GF's house, and she likes to make me a delicious meal for breakfast. :) We wake up hungry as we get a lot of exercise at night (ahem).

I'm a pescatarian, a veggie who eats fish, so breakfast is often fish and veggies, since the lady ain't much of a fan of eggs. Anyway, breakfast on saturday was so pretty I took a picture. This is ahi tuna steaks and fruit and veggies.

We also worked on the thriller dance over the weekend, as we plan to thrill the world at the end of the month! Last year I was too late to learn the dance, but I swore I'd master it this year!

I'm not quite ready yet, but soon, pets...sooon, I will thrill the world!!!!!

You can too! It's not too late!!! Learn the dance! Thrill the world!

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