Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Finally, it was thrill day, all that practice was going to pay off. The GF and I had thrilled the bloody hell out of her living room on successive saturdays for a month. We put so much time and energy into learning the thriller dance, that costuming was a bit of an afterthought.

My stud GF informed me a few nights prior that I was in charge of all things makeup-related. So I hit some youtube zombie tuts right quick, and went all over my hood on a search of decent stage makeup. I was hoping to find some Kryolan or Ben Nye. This didn't occur.

In the end I was forced to use my own stuff and make do with what I could find in my kit.  So, I dug up some foundation that I haven't worn in years. Something paler and heavier than my usual one. I used the same Origins foundation on both of us. I figured it'd be easy to make my lady look pale and dead that way, since my skin is way lighter than hers anyway.

I buffed on a crap ton of foundation, then did much more than my usual amount of powder, using a Stila semi-sheer powder. I ended up adding the highlight from the Stila countour kit to 'whiten' the highlighted areas; forehead, nose, chin, and also added a tiny bit of green into the highlighted areas, for that necrotic look.

Now since I was using regular makeup, not stage makeup, I ended up making some very odd uses of mac eyeshadows.  I used sketch and carbon for shading, and started with the kind of countouring one would usually do (just under lower lip, cheekbones, just under jaw, above the brows). In addition to the typical contouring, I also added harsh looking lines around my nose, eyes, and mouth.

A great way to 'deadify' is to deepen smile lines and around the nose and eyes; making you look 'drawn' and slightly grotesque. For my eyes I used blackground as a base, sketch as the lid color and carbon in the crease with blacktrack fluidline gel liner and urban decay skyscraper mascara. I used juxt for that extra bit of green as my highlight. 

The GF's makeup ended up far less subtle than mine, because she bitched and moaned and squinched up her face the whole time, and even complained that I'd somehow injured her eye while shadowing.  I assure you I did no such thing. She wasn't too keen on the fake blood at the end either, so while I went to town with smeared fake blood, with her I had to content myself with just a smidge. :( Ah well, it looked pretty good anyway, although she could have used more blending. 
 Happy Halloween!!!